Red Bull launches soft drinks category tool with Bestway

Red Bull soft drinks category tool
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Red Bull has partnered with Bestway Wholesale to create an online category tool enabling retailers to receive tailored advice on how to maximise soft drinks sales in-store.

The tool takes retailers through a simple step-by-step consultancy process, asking for the store’s geographic location, chiller size – either via pre-suggested measurements or bespoke entry – and the number of facings per branded SKU. The tool then calculates the best SKU ratio, delivering a personalised, downloadable planogram.

The tool aims to help retailers remove soft drinks from their chillers that aren’t performing as well in the store’s local area, and replace with more popular SKUs to maximise profit and sales by advising which facings should be decreased or upweighted. It also allows retailers to access the suggested replacement SKUs through Bestway online, delivering a seamless purchasing transaction from start to finish.

In addition to offering bespoke ranging advice, the platform offers category insight and information, via a downloadable education resource; ‘Three Steps to Sale Success’.

The category tool will roll out across additional wholesale partners across 2021.

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