Tilda wants to elevate your plate

Man cooking with Tilda rice

Tilda has unveiled a new advertising campaign, aimed at driving the growth of its steamed rice range by educating consumers on how the brand’s products can turn “any meal into a masterpiece”.

Launching across TV and video-on-demand, ‘Elevate Your Plate’ marks the start of Tilda’s seven-figure marketing investment into its Ready To Heat range, which will be the brand’s focus throughout 2021.

The ad follows an enthusiastic home cook, who grows in confidence and ambition as he crafts an increasingly complex array of dishes – all with rice at their heart.

It is supported by YouTube, PR, social media and in-store activity.

Anna Beheshti, Head of Marketing at Tilda, commented: “As one of the UK’s leading rice brands, we recognise the opportunity that rice, which is such a versatile carbohydrate around the world, offers retailers. As such, we recommend that they stock a wide range of Ready To Heat flavours, including innovative flavours such as Peri Peri and Firecracker rice, to help them drive incremental sales.”