Ready Brek brings a glow back to TV

Ready Brek ad

Ready Brek, the smooth porridge oat brand from the Weetabix Food Company, is returning to TV for the first time in five years, with its ‘Central Heating for Everyone’ campaign.

The advert brings back Ready Brek’s familiar ‘glow’, which was also reintroduced on pack earlier this year.

Unveiled in time for ‘porridge season’ and running throughout October, the TV advert will be supported with a new on-pack promotion offering consumers the chance to win one of 10 £1,200 prizes to cover the cost of heating their home for a year. Golden tickets will be hidden in promotional packs, and the entire campaign will be supported in-store with promotional activity including FSDUs, as well as social media support.

Nanda Desai, Commercial Marketing Manager, Ready Brek, said: “We are very excited to bring back Ready Brek to TV screens to demonstrate how quick it is to make, as well as how warming it is. The brand is rich in heritage and remains a firm favourite with people of all ages.

“Our ‘glowing silhouette’ visual is an important brand asset that resonates with consumers. We are confident the campaign will connect with both long-standing, loyal consumers, as well as attracting new shoppers to the brand, as we enter the cold season.

“The rise in awareness of the health benefits of oats has certainly increased the demand for porridge and with more and more people making healthier choices for breakfast, Ready Brek is a must-stock product to tap into this growing trend.”

Ready Brek is available in a range of pack sizes:

  • Original, 250g (£1 PMP)
  • Original 450g (RSP £1.98)
  • Original 750g (RSP £2.49)
  • Chocolate, 450g (RSP £1.98)
  • Original Sachets, 8 x 32g (RSP £1.99)
  • Chocolate Sachets, 8 x 32g (RSP £1.99)