Payzone clarifies engineer visit confusion

Payzone contactless payment

On Monday September 11, Payzone will start telephoning retailers to schedule an engineer visit to implement its new tablet technology.

In the latest of a series of meetings with the NFRN (September 6), Payzone addressed newsagents’ concerns regarding the process. It was made clear that retailers may:

  • refuse an engineer appointment before the new 28-day notice and new T&Cs have been received and decided upon
  • request another telephone call to discuss an engineer visit, after receipt of the new 28-day notice and new T&Cs.

If a retailer is undecided over the new tablet, Payzone cannot deactivate a retailer’s existing terminal to prompt them into a decision if the retailer has said that they will wait until receipt of the new 28-day notice and revised T&CS before deciding.

An engineer who “happens to be in the area” has no right to install a new terminal if the retailer has not agreed an appointment. Retailers are within their rights by requesting the engineer leaves the premises.

If retailers are happy to schedule an installation visit prior to receiving the new 28-day notice and updated T&CS, they still have 28 days’ notice – once the new equipment is installed – to terminate their old contract. Payzone will agree a date with the retailer to finalise the old contract.

The NFRN has published a document giving further guidance on the matter.

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