Who are you? Snickers asks the question

Snickers bars
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Snickers has unveiled ‘Who are you?’, a brand-new on-pack promotion which offers consumers a new way to tell their friends when they’re not being themselves.

The new packaging builds on the Snickers ‘You’re Not You’ campaign. From this month, the brand-flag on Snickers packaging will change to 21 different hunger symptoms including “cranky”, “forgetful” and “drama mama”.

In America, the promotion resulted in a 10% uplift in singles sales.

Snickers has partnered with LADBible to create social media content that will support the promotion, as part of the brand’s £5.7m media spend for 2017.

Bep Dhaliwal, Trade Communications Manager for Mars Chocolate UK, said: “This on-pack promotion is the perfect next step for the ‘You’re Not You’ campaign as it gives consumers a chance to engage with the concept.

“Rooted in cutting-edge shopper and consumer insight, we’re confident this promotion can help drive growth across the singles category, boost sales for retailers, and provide consumers with a great chance to have a laugh with their mates.”

The twenty-one hunger symptoms are: “Moaner”, “Faffer”, “Done In”, “Miffed”, “Broken”, “Irritable”, “Grouchy”, “Numpty”, “Stroppy”, “Yawner”, “Sluggish”, “Mardy Bum”, “Grumpster”, “Knackered”, “Sleepyhead”, “Lazy Bones”, “Fuzzy Head”, “Wiped Out”, “Complainer” and “Drama Mama”.

CJ Lang – Christie