PayPoint unveils Deliveroo partnership

PayPoint and Deliveroo logos

PayPoint has announced a partnership deal with Deliveroo that gives qualifying independent retailers the opportunity to offer a home delivery service using Deliveroo’s network of riders.

Retailers who meet the selection criteria should be fast-tracked onto Deliveroo in a few days.

From some PayPoint stores bread, milk, eggs and pasta will be among the products offered – helping those who are vulnerable or self-isolating due to the Covid-19 crisis get access to basic food items. Other PayPoint stores will focus on providing refreshments, including alcohol.

Deliveries will be ordered by consumers through the Deliveroo app as normal and fulfilled within 30 minutes. All deliveries will be contact-free. PayPoint stores will gradually go live on Deliveroo in a phased rollout.

Lewis Alcraft, Chief Commercial Officer at PayPoint said: “We are delighted that this partnership will benefit not only those who need their household essentials on-demand, but also the incredibly hard-working independent retailers who are playing such a vital role to the communities they serve.”

To be involved in the Deliveroo partnership, PayPoint retailers should contact its sales team on 0330 400 0003 or visit the website.

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