Netmums report reveals parents struggle to find low/no sugar lines in-store

no sugar waffles

Research by parenting website Netmums and Sugarwise has revealed that 80% of parents regularly search for low/no sugar products for their family – yet 30% of parents can’t find these products in-store.

Additionally, three-quarters (75%) of parents said they would be willing to spend more on low sugar/good taste foods if they were available while 38% of parents said they are unable to find low/no sugar lunchbox snacks.

Among the other findings, some 17% of parents said they have been unable to find low/no sugar breakfast cereal, 15% had been unable to find low/no sugar desserts, 17% had been unable to find low/no sugar pasta sauce, and 12% had been unable to find low/no sugar baking ingredients.

Despite the lack of product availability, the Netmums/Sugarwise survey also revealed many parents would be willing to spend more on low sugar foods if they were available, with 40% saying they would be happy to pay more for healthy option foods as long as the products taste good.

When asked “Which foods would you like to see low sugar versions of?”, parents cited in order of preference:

  • Sweet biscuits
  • Sweetened or flavoured yogurt
  • Sweet breakfast cereal
  • Sweet cakes/pastries
  • Jams and sweet spreads
  • Puddings
  • Chocolate
  • Ice cream
  • Dairy desserts
  • Confectionery

Netmums receives nine million unique visitors every month. Its Editor-in-chief, Anne-Marie O’Leary, said: “Netmums users are increasingly worried about the levels of sugar consumption by children yet our survey shows despite consumer demand for more low sugar formulations and the willingness to pay more if needed for low sugar options, retailers are failing to make these products available on shelf.”

Rend Platings, CEO of Sugarwise, added: “We’d like all retailers and manufacturers, to seize this opportunity. We’d like all retailers to make lower sugar products a priority and give parents what they are looking for.”