Nisa recruitment numbers up again

Nisa has announced that it has once again hit record recruitment figures, bringing on board 245 members operating over 520 stores since April 2012. The new stores will bring over £103.7m of turnover to the company.

Nisa says it has continued to develop its retail offer, allowing it to reach a new target audience of retail stores seeking a flexible independent retail model. The company also says its support for retailers to become an integral part of their local community, has helped growth.

These figures have been achieved through stores joining from competitor symbol groups and current operators looking for a progressive retail solution. Nisa is run purely for the benefit of its members and any surplus profit is distributed back to the membership. Therefore these new stores may benefit from any future payments.

Andrew J Mouse, Nisa group sales director, commented: “These excellent results are testament to the strength of the Nisa retail member solutions on offer today which continue to meet the ever changing consumer expectations at all levels. These results acknowledge the enhanced level of retail support available to all members, helping them to develop all aspects of their stores.”

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