Nisa hints at ‘devolving’ Scottish operations

Nisa Chief Executive Neil Turton has revealed that he has plans in his last six months before leaving the company to make Nisa more devolved in Scotland – replicating a model in Northern Ireland where buying and logistics are organised by a team in the province, and not in Nisa’s Scunthorpe HQ.
Speaking at the SGF Conference in Glasgow last week, Turton said the model in Northern Ireland proved that a local team could successfully run an operation.
“There is more patriotism in Scotland since the referendum so we want to act up on that,” he said. “More [Nisa] decisions could be made in Scotland. I’m challenging ourselves to become more local.”
Nisa currently has 236 stores in Scotland with 77 members. The company opened a massive distribution centre near Bathgate in 2011.

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