Molson Coors to distribute Staropramen

Staropramen label

Carlsberg has agreed a deal with Molson Coors for the transfer of the exclusive distribution rights for Staropramen in the UK.

Under the terms of the deal Carlsberg can continue to sell Staropramen to its existing customers in the UK on- and off-trade for the remainder of this year, until 27th December 2015.

James Lousada, Chief Executive Officer, Carlsberg UK, commented: “This deal represents excellent business sense for us. We are proud of the performance we have delivered on the Staropramen brand since we secured the licence four years ago but it represents a very small proportion of our overall sales.”

Carlsberg’s priority in the World Beer category will now be San Miguel, which has seen volume growth of 105% over the past five years, complemented by a wider portfolio which includes Poretti and Mahou.