For sale: one slightly damaged ironing board

Minky ironing board

Lacking a classified section, SLR has been forced to use its online presence to offer for sale one brand new and only slightly damaged ironing board with a premium quality Minky DripGuard Non-Drip Ironing Board Cover thrown in for good measure. One careful owner.

It appears that the auld boy’s best attempts to choose a thoughtful, attractive and yet useful and practical Christmas gift for Mrs UTC went badly awry last December. UTC concluded from all the ironing that Mrs UTC seems to do, that she could do with a new ironing board and cover. And not just any old cover, no siree. This was a Minky DripGuard Non-Drip Ironing Board Cover “specifically designed for use with steam generator irons and high-performance steam irons to prevent drips while keeping the cover dry.”

His smugness on Christmas morning at having found the perfect gift after all these years quickly turned to shock and then fear as Mrs UTC realised it wasn’t a surfboard under all that sellotape and wrapping paper. What happened next remains a bit of a blur for the auld yin, but he definitely recalls coming back to consciousness some time later with a lump the size of a tennis ball on his noggin and a blinding headache. Which, to be fair, is what happens after most Christmas days at his house.

But when he saw the ironing board with a sizeable dent in it he put two and two together and realised that his good lady hadn’t in fact appreciated the gift as much as he’d hoped. Apparently “ye cannae win”, he says.

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