Military starts making fuel deliveries

Around 200 military tanker personnel, 100 of which are drivers, have been deployed to further relieve pressure on petrol stations and address the shortage of truck drivers.

The government reports that demand for fuel has stabilised throughout the week and more fuel is now being delivered than is being sold, but some parts of the country still face challenges.

Defence Secretary, Ben Wallace, said: “While the situation is stabilising, our armed forces are there to fill in any critical vacancies and help keep the country on the move by supporting the industry to deliver fuel to forecourts.”

In addition, the government and freight associations are now collaborating to drive up the standards of lorry parking facilities – helping to make the logistics industry more attractive for prospective drivers.

Business Secretary, Kwasi Kwarteng, added: “Reform within the industry is vital. In addition to short term fixes, the government is also working with industry to find long term solutions to the shortage of HGV drivers and encourage more people to enter the logistics sector through improved testing and hiring, with better pay, working conditions and diversity.”