EG Group buys Cooplands

Zuber and Mohsin Issa

EG Group has bought CS Food Group, the owner of Cooplands, the UK’s second-largest bakery chain.

Cooplands owns and operates three bakeries that process ingredients and manufacture fresh food distributed to about 180 stores and cafes, predominantly across the north-east and Yorkshire regions.

EG Group says the purchase will “provide a platform to diversify the Cooplands brand into the transient petrol forecourt and retail convenience store channel, alongside the bakery chain’s traditional store formats, through EG Group’s extensive UK network.”

EG Group says it plans to invest in the Cooplands brand and fresh food offer.

Zuber and Mohsin Issa, Founders and Co-Chief Executives of EG Group, said: “Cooplands has a proven track record in the fresh bakery sector and vertical integration with EG Group will help to further drive our success in foodservice, where we continue to see strong growth opportunities in the UK and globally.

“Following the acquisition of LEON in May, Cooplands is another fantastic fresh food brand to add to EG Group’s existing portfolio of third-party foodservice brands.

“The transaction will broaden the reach of Cooplands beyond the brand’s northern heartlands and bring its much-loved food to more existing and new customers through EG Group’s unparalleled network of roadside forecourts and retail convenience stores. We know that Cooplands’ impressive bakery platform and our food service expertise will be a winning combination.”