It’s medication time!

Woman sneezing

It’s winter again and with more consumers than ever careful about their health after the last 18 months, this presents a great opportunity for retailers to cash in on sales of medicated confectionery.

Sniffles and coughs have never been more front of mind for consumers after 18 months of a pandemic, so as the winter months hurtle towards us, it’s a great time to be taking a fresh look at your medicated confectionery offer.

Susan Nash, Trade Communications Manager at Mondelez International, says: “There has been much publicised around the expectation of a greater incidence of colds and flu this season, with many immune systems weakened due to staying at home and being less exposed to germs. Paired with the fact that there are no further lockdown restrictions planned at the time of writing, it is anticipated there will be increased demand for relief products throughout this winter season.”

With seasonal products like this, it’s always wise to go with the big household name brands that consumers trust. You’re not likely to be stocking an extensive range, so sticking with well-known products from big brands should do the trick.

“Whether it be for menthol clearing or gentle soothing, shoppers will look for brands they know and trust – such as Halls – in store,” advises Nash. “Brands like Halls, the number one relief candy brand in the UK [Nielsen, Jul 2019], must be readily available in store to fulfil increasing shopper needs, with the brand accounting for 50% of cough-drop sales worldwide.

“Halls has a cohesive look and feel across the portfolio, allowing consumers to find their chosen solution with confidence and ease, including best-sellers Halls Mentholyptus Extra Strong and Halls Soothers Blackcurrant.

“We advise retailers to stock the full range of the No.1 relief candy brand this winter, to meet all shoppers needs and flavour preferences and the anticipated increase in demand.”

Another trusted brand worth stocking is Lockets from Mars Wrigley. Victoria Gell, Fruity Confections Portfolio Director, says: “As a familiar and trusted brand, Lockets has helped to keep Brits going through the winter months for many years. A brand consumers depend on to help them get through the day with a clear head, Lockets contains a soothing liquid centre and clearing menthol, whilst its double action formula is one that can be relied upon to calm stubborn coughs and colds and ease discomfort. Each pack contains 10 sweets and the range includes three delicious flavours – Honey & Lemon, Extra Strong and Cranberry & Blueberry.”

Gell says Mars Wrigley has a dedicated range of eye-catching POS to help make the most of over the counter medicines and encourage customers to buy on impulse. Having a fully-stocked display will help maximise profit potential and guarantee repeat custom.

“Over the counter medicine is increasingly important to stock during the colder months as consumers become more reliant on stores that can cater to all of their top-up-shop needs,” she says. “Lockets is a trusted brand which helps many people get through the day, easing colds and coughs so families can get on with what’s important. With this is mind, our great range of POS will support retailers and help boost their sales during the winter season.”