Tennent’s launches sustainability can

Tennent’s Lager has unveiled a new can featuring a new ‘drink sustainably’ message.

The company is committing to add a ‘Please Enjoy Sustainably’ message initially across all its canned packaging in a bid to encourage recycling ahead of the introduction of Scotland’s deposit return scheme. It hopes the more direct call-to-action on the 120 million cans the brewery fills on average every year, will encourage drinkers to think twice about their recycling habits.

Cameron Matthews, Tennent’s Senior Brand Manager, said: “As Scotland’s favourite lager, we take recycling and sustainability very seriously, and recognise the responsibility we have to encourage consumers to consider their own environmental impacts. We need to make this as easy as possible for everyone, and adding something as simple as a sustainability prompt on our packaging can keep our planet’s best interest front of mind.

“When recycled, aluminium can be back on shelf within 60-days, which is a fantastic example of the circular economy in action – with impact on litter and CO2 emissions. It may seem like such a simple action, but by recycling cans, everyone can make a big difference.”

The new eco-conscious can could be rolled out as early as January 2022.