Jisp shopping app trial kicks-off in NFRN stores

Baxters Londis

Jisp, an all-in-one shopping app providing contact-free payment, has gone live this week across six stores as part of its partnership with the Federation of Independent Retailers (NFRN).

The stores’ customers can now take advantage of deals and offers, home delivery and Click & Collect services as well as virtual quizzes and community events from their local stores, all through one mobile platform.

To celebrate the launch, each store is holding a couple of virtual quizzes through the Jisp app. Customers will compete against other players in real time for a chance to win a £25 shopping voucher from their local store as well as £75 donated to their chosen charity.

NFRN National President Stuart Reddish is trialling the app in his Baxters Londis store.

He said: “The way customers shop is rapidly changing, especially since the Covid-19 lockdown and we, as independent retailers, cannot afford to stand still when it comes to enhancing the shopping experience and building loyalty.

“I am really excited to be trialling the app in my store and look forward to engaging with my customers even further, gaining a better understanding of their wants and needs, and having a simpler way of notifying them of special discounts and deals, all of which should further drive loyalty and sales.”