GroceryAid backs “I’m fine” mental health campaign

I'm fine

GroceryAid is kick-starting 2017 by supporting the ‘I’m Fine’ campaign launched by the Mental Health Foundation to encourage Brits to open up about mental health and “bring back meaning” to daily conversations.

A recent study of 2,000 adults commissioned by the Mental Health Foundation reveals that the average adult will say “I’m fine” 14 times a week, though just 19% really mean it.

Almost a third of those surveyed said they often lie about how they are feeling to other people, while one in 10 went as far to say they always lie about their emotional state.

As for those “fine” Brits, 34% reported using the term “I’m fine” as a response because it is more convenient than explaining how they really feel, while 23% say it because they think the person asking isn’t really interested.

Jenny Edwards, chief executive of the Mental Health Foundation, commented: “The people around us in our lives are crucial for our mental health. People with strong connections live happier, healthier and longer lives than those without. That’s why we all need a healthy network of friends and family who we are comfortable to confide in when we need to.”

How can GroceryAid help?

There is a section on the GroceryAid website devoted to mental health including resources on mindfulness and resilience. Befriending opportunities are also available for those experiencing social isolation and offer a listening, reassuring and supportive ear.

GroceryAid is also working with Relate, the UK relationships support charity, to provide free relationship counselling and support for people in the grocery industry. Relate counsellors and therapists are non-judgemental, impartial and everything you tell them is completely confidential unless someone’s personal safety is at risk.

To find out more about counselling services that may be available please contact a GroceryAid Helpline adviser on 08088 02 11 22. Alternatively, you can visit where there is a Live Chat and Ask a Question feature.

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