Breakfast key to healthier return to school

Eating cheerios

It’s almost that time of year again when pupils get ready to return to school for a fresh start to a new term – and healthier foods have never been higher up the agenda with a nutritious wholesome breakfast the idea way to start the school day.

The annual ‘back to school’ period is a big opportunity for retailers as Scotland’s pupils return en-masse for the new term. That means there will be parents across the country also beginning to prepare for sending their kids back to school and many of them will be aiming to ensure that they are proving their little loved ones with healthier, balanced meal solutions.

That might mean setting them up for the day with a nutritious breakfast or it might mean packing their lunchbox with some tasty but healthy options to keep them going through afternoon classes.

Back to school is an opportunity that applies to stores in practically every village, town and city in Scotland so it’s one every retailer has the chance to cash in on.

One of the best ways of setting kids on the right path each school day is with a tasty, wholesome breakfast. There’s no point in reinventing the wheel when a traditional bowl of cereal provides many of the nutrients that kids need to maintain an active brain and body.

Every serving of naturally low-fat Kellogg’s kids cereal, for instance, contains three nutrients that are essential for good health: B vitamins, vitamin D and iron. And all packaged up in a format that kids know and love. Plus, cereal with milk is a leading source of 10 nutrients in children’s diets including calcium, carbohydrates, vitamins, proteins and fibre.

Nail the back to school occasion
  • Why not create a dedicated ‘Back to School’ display to capture interest and remind shoppers to stock up?
  • Use price-marked packs of best-selling products to communicate value.
  • Include a solid range of healthier, better-for-you products.
  • Consider using POS to communicate the health benefits of cereals to shoppers.
  • Promote your ‘Back to School’ offer on social media to drive footfall.

Fibre in particular is something that most people don’t get enough of each day. It helps keep our digestive tract in good working order, can help reduce high blood cholesterol and keep blood sugar levels stable. Yet in spite of the strong evidence of the benefits of fibre to overall health, 80% of people don’t get enough fibre, a trend that often starts in childhood and carries through to adult life.

The Guideline Daily amount of fibre for kids aged 5–10 years is 15g. To put that into context, one 30g bowl of Kellogg’s Bran Flakes, for instance, provides 4.5g of fibre. A great start to the day.

Offering a range of wholegrain cereals is another good way of giving your shoppers back to school solutions that are as healthy as they are delicious for kids. A healthy diet rich in wholegrains can help reduce the risk of several diseases, including heart disease, certain types of cancer and type 2 diabetes.

As the name suggests, wholegrain foods are ones that contain all three parts of the grain. Together, these parts work to provide a rich source of dietary fibre, ‘healthy’ fats, B vitamins and vitamin E. Important nutrients that are essential to good health.

There are many popular wholegrain cereals available including Bran Flakes, Honey Loops and Fruit ‘n’ Fibre and all deliver the benefits of wholegrain with a great taste that will ensure kids enjoy them every morning.

A good range of popular cereals is the perfect place to start when building a healthy, wholesome back to school offer in-store.