Bestway continues to deliver the goods

Best-one delivery lorry

Bestway has announced that the group has registered delivered sales of over £650m in retail for the first time.

The latest figures now sees delivered as a major component of the group’s business accounting for approximately 25% of total sales.

Bestway has invested significantly in its delivered business including a new fleet of branded vehicles, a driver training academy, a route planning and management system, a chilled distribution centre in Coventry and an extensive review of its chilled and frozen retail offering for customers including Best-in own-label.

The group also recently launched a mobile app for retailers and has continued to develop its online presence.

“The growth in our delivered business to £650m has been remarkable with both Best-one and our websites contributing considerably,” said Younus Sheikh, Managing Director of Bestway Wholesale. “The latest figures now mean that our business in delivered has grown by 22% over the past year.”

Sheikh aims to build on Bestway’s recent FWD Service to Retail Award by looking further at ways to make it easier for customers to shop, and sees delivered as playing a major role in future plans.

He concluded: “More and more retailers are looking at delivered as their major source of supply.  As a business we are incredibly mindful that the customer must always be at the heart of everything we do, stemming from the fact that as former retailers we know how tough retail life can be.”


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