Antonio Banderas to lead Wrigley campaign

Wrigley is launching a new TV advert with Hollywood star Antonio Banderas. Best known for his roles in Shrek and Desperado, Banderas will front the new campaign, designed to communicate the benefits of chewing sugarfree gum after eating and drinking to help keep teeth clean and healthy.

Pamela Bower Nye, Wrigley Marketing Director (UK and Ireland), commented: “We are delighted to be working with Antonio Banderas on our new ‘Eat Drink Chew’ TV campaign.  As an international movie star who spends his life on the big screen, Antonio is the perfect ambassador to bring our oral care message to life, encouraging consumers to incorporate Extra into their everyday routine.”

Banderas explained what attracted him to work with the Extra brand:  “I’ve always been a big food lover and, as an actor, keeping my teeth clean and healthy and having a confident smile is important. After grabbing a quick snack on set, chewing Extra gum is such an easy way for me to ensure I’m camera ready.”

Bower Nye, adds: “There is enormous potential for growth in the UK gum category. Focusing purely on Extra and our ‘Eat Drink Chew’ strategy, Wrigley’s aim is to encourage consumers to chew Extra whenever they eat or drink to help remove lingering food and keep teeth clean. With lots of eating and drinking occasions not yet followed by chewing Extrasugarfree gum, Wrigley is confident of future volume and value growth.”

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