Walkers Max gets new packs – and more

Walkers Max range

Walkers has given its Max sub-brand a major overhaul that includes new products, new formats and a packaging redesign – all backed by a substantial marketing investment.

NPD comes in the form of Walkers Max Double Crunch, crisps that are cooked for longer to give – as the name suggests – twice the crunch of Walkers Max.

The new range is available in sharing bags and grab bags across four new flavours – Bold BBQ Rib, XXL Chicken & Chorizo, Loaded Cheddar & Onion and Original Sea Salt.

Additionally, the Walkers Max Strong range – currently growing at 21% year-on-year – benefits from the addition of a Fiery Peri-Peri variant.

In tandem with the NPD, the sub-brand has launched variety six-packs of its top-performing flavours across the Max (Punchy Paprika, Fiercely Flamin’ Hot and Sizzling Flame Grilled Steak), Max Strong (Hot Chicken Wings, Jalapeño & Cheese and Chilli & Lime) and new Max Double Crunch (Loaded Cheddar & Onion, Bold BBQ Rib and XXL Chicken & Chorizo) ranges.

The full Max family has also been given a packaging redesign unify the range and increase on-shelf standout.

A marketing campaign in February and March will support both the re-brand and NPD launch, spanning TV, out-of-home, social and PR activity.

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