Bisto’s Together Project returns to TV

Bisto Together Project ad

Premier Foods is bringing its Bisto Together Project back to the UK’s screens, as part of a multi-channel campaign that looks to strengthen Bisto’s association with “bringing people together over great food”.

The TV advert is supported by extensive radio activity as part of a campaign with a media spend in excess of £2m.

Helen Touchais, Category Brand Director at Premier Foods, commented: “The Bisto Together Project has always been very well received by consumers and has helped us cement the brand’s association with togetherness. With modern lives making it harder for people to find time to spend with their loved ones, we believe good food has an important role to play in getting people back around the dinner table.”

Now in its fourth year, the Together Project seeks to highlight the fact that, even though daily life and consumption habits are changing, moments of togetherness with friends and family are as important as ever. The timing of the campaign will capitalise on the consumption of roast dinners peaking during colder months, when people are more likely gather around a table to share a meal.

This year, the campaign will showcase Bisto Best Chicken Gravy to prompt shoppers to trade up to the premium product.

The TV ad is live throughout November, with a formal partnership with Global radio (live on both Smooth and Heart stations) bolstering the campaign from November 12.

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