Taxi for McEwan’s

McEwen's-branded taxi

McEwan’s Export will be taking over Edinburgh and Glasgow city centres this festive season with a jovial outdoor advertising campaign celebrating the beer’s long heritage.

The ads show the evolution of McEwan’s Export throughout the ages and take a fun, humorous tone. Appearing on the interior and exterior of taxis throughout Edinburgh and across the Glasgow subway the ads bear various slogans including ‘Hailed for Generations’, ‘Never Taking a Back Seat’ and ‘Christmas Past, Present and Future’.

The campaign runs to mid-January. It builds on the brand’s redesign last year and follows a series of outdoor and in outlet ads for McEwan’s Export throughout 2015.

Tara Karimian, Brand Manager for McEwan’s Beers said: “McEwan’s Export is a legendary Scottish beer which has always had a loyal following of fans. However 2015 has been a real turning point for the beer, as it reached the hands of a new generation of drinkers with the modern new design and advertising throughout the year.

“With so many people out in the cities and in a sociable mood in the run up to Christmas, Hogmanay and Burns Night this is the perfect time to capture their attention. The ads bring out the witty character of the brand reminding people to pick up a pack on their way to celebrations.”

The outdoor advertising is supported by a print campaign appearing in the sports pages of a number of Scottish national newspapers.