England v Scotland ‘officially awkward’ for Snickers

Scottish and English footballers

Being a sponsor of both the English and Scottish football teams who prepare to line up against one another in the forthcoming Euros, Snickers has recognised the unusual position it finds itself in with the launch of an ‘officially awkward’ campaign.

The ‘Bothlands’ ad parodies the tropes of sponsor advertising around major international tournaments by making stars from both teams begrudgingly line up side by side amidst a raucous and heavily branded backdrop.

The film was directed by Glenn Kitson who, as it happens, is half English and half Scottish.

Chloe Smith, Snickers Senior Brand Manager said: Let’s not beat around the bush, sponsoring both Scotland and England this summer is, well, rather awkward. Faced with this peculiar predicament, we decided there was only one thing to do – create our own, neutral nation: Bothlands. The campaign was a lot of fun to make and marks the next step in our journey of cementing the Snickers brand as the voice of the football fan in Scotland and England.”

The brand is also launching the ‘Snickers Hot Take Hotline’ this summer to address the terrible takes that are endemic during any major football tournament. The #DeleteYourTweetForATreat will run across social and offer free chocolate to pundits and fans alike who are willing to delete their suspect hot takes.