Fifty and counting for Snappy and Nisa

Harry Ahmed

More than 50 Nisa stores have signed up with Snappy Shopper since the symbol group formed a partnership with the home shopping app last September.

Nisa expects a further 250 to 500 stores will be using the app by end of 2021.

Close collaboration between the two businesses has enabled Snappy Shopper to quickly identify suitable Nisa stores.

“We have been working with Nisa to identify stores with the potential to succeed with the Snappy Shopper app. We have also taken the Nisa team through the onboarding process, so retailers are supported in every way through the process,” said Andy Batt, Head of Group Development at Snappy Shopper.

Every Nisa store joining Snappy Shopper benefits from an onboarding, launch and sales ramp up process, which sees operations and marketing teams working hand-in-hand to ensure stores reach their full sales potential as quickly as possible.

“We work jointly to optimise retailer performance during the initial stages and we are delighted to see how the partnership is progressing. It is important to us that retailers and the group as a whole can make the most of the partnership,” said Batt.

Harry Ahmed (pictured), owner of Nisa Local Greenock launched Snappy Shopper just before Christmas.

He commented: “The app is driving sales for us in store as well as online with around 80% of our app shoppers new customers.

“We’re doing 35 to 40 deliveries every day and the orders vary from a few items all the way up to a full shop with average basket spend about £35 but going up to around £150.

“Initially I was worried the online sales would have a negative impact on sales in the shop but if anything, it has had the opposite effect with sales up. We get people ordering twice and even three times a day and it was clearly a much-needed service in our area.

“I really think this is the future. You have to look ahead and as more and more businesses are going online, we have to have that offer too.”