Site, Stock, Sell: Camelot unveils new in-store standards programme

Site, Stock, Sell checklist

As part of its £20m retail investment over the next three years, Camelot has launched its new Site, Stock, Sell in-store standards programme – which the lottery promoter says could boost a retailer’s sales by up £4,200 per year.

The new 10-point programme assists retailers in improving their in-store standards and increasing sales throughout the year by asking simple questions in the areas of:

  • Site – for example, is the National Lottery Playstation in the best possible location?
  • Stock – is the scratchcard dispenser full?
  • Sell – is your store displaying current agreed posters?

The initiative will be rolled out to retailers in the coming weeks via face-to-face visits from Camelot’s 120-strong Retail Sales Team – which has recently doubled in size. This means that retailers should now expect to receive an average of four visits from Camelot per year.

Site, Stock, Sell will also be accompanied by a bespoke rewards scheme, which could see retailers earn up to £140 in cash rewards every year. Retailers will earn £10 for a Site, Stock, Sell score of 8/10, £15 for 9/10 and £25 for 10/10. In addition, there will be Quarterly Bonus Events where retailers can earn an extra £10 for uploading photos of their store, and any retailers scoring eight points or more will automatically be entered into a quarterly prize draw for the chance to win huge cash prizes.

To get started, retailers should register on the dedicated website for a chance to win £10,000. For the first draw, any retailer who registers will be in with a chance to win, regardless of their Site, Stock, Sell score.

James Pearson, Head of Retail at Camelot, said that the new incentives are sure to prove an exciting new way for retailers to boost their sales: “I’m thrilled to launch our new Site, Stock, Sell programme for our retail partners across the UK. Better in-store standards could increase a retailer’s National Lottery sales by up to 3.5% – that’s an incredible £4,200 per year.

“And, of course, more sales mean more sales commission for retailers and more money for Good Causes. With our recently-expanded Retail Sales Team now in place and every retailer getting an average of four visits a year, this is a really exciting time.”

CJ Lang – Christie