Scottish Candy Ball huge success

The recently merged grocery industry charities, Caravan and Sweet Charity, have hailed the success of the Scottish Candy Ball in September, the first regional fund raiser to be held under the leadership of the new combined charity.

Gillian Barker, the Director General of the new charity, said a few words at the start of the night, welcoming everyone to the 50th Scottish Candy ball, and at the same time the first Scottish Candy Ball for the new charity!  Gillian, a Scot, has in the past worked with Caravan and as a senior manager and director with Safeway and Sainsbury. Gillian emphasised the important work which lay ahead for the new charity and she encouraged everyone in Scotland, who plays a part in the Grocery industry, to get involved and to continue to help raise much needed funds.

160 guests from the Scottish Confectionery industry, whether it be manufacturing, wholesaling, retailing or sales including many from ancillary businesses including merchandising and shop equipment supplies, had a fantastic night in the Radisson and raised circa £7,000 of much needed funds for the charity’s  200+ Scottish beneficiaries.

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