Rustle up more food-to-go sales with Kepak

Rustlers Hot Food to Go unit

Kepak Convenience Foods has launched a new, Rustlers-branded hot food-to-go unit.

The pre-programmed unit, complete with condiment tray, waste bin, large prep space with a wipe-clean surface and small footprint to maximise floor space, retails at £550 plus VAT.

The microwave-only option retails at £140 plus VAT.

“We’re confident that the Rustlers hot food-to-go unit, which can be used to heat any microwaveable product, will be a focal point in-store. It will enable retailers to offer hot food-to-go products 24 hours a day without any of the operational and staffing costs associated with a hot food counter,” said Kepak Convenience Foods’ Channel Director Angela Daulby.

Research has suggested that one in four shoppers would pay more for lunch if hot food was available and that one of the key improvements shoppers want from lunch-to-go is more hot food options.

Kepak recommends siting the unit close to the front of store chiller cabinet or with other drinks/food-to-go facilities, which signposts a dedicated food-to-go area in-store. It also enables retailers to offer hot food-to-go as part of a soft drink meal deal, or with a hot drink if stores offer them, driving traffic into store at peak times such as lunch.

Both the complete Rustlers hot food-to-go unit and microwave come with free POS and shelf trays.

“In trials, retailers have recorded sales uplifts of up to 200% soon after installation, with payback from just four months. It shows that the easy-to-use Rustlers hot food-to-go unit works very hard in the relatively small amount of floor space that it occupies,” added Daulby.

Orders can be placed by phoning Kepak on 01772 688300 or emailing