Retailers hungry for food-to-go grants

Seventy-three convenience stores from across Scotland – including stores from island and rural communities – have benefited from awards from the 2019 Scottish Government-SGF food-to-go grant programme.

Total funding available this year was £300,000 – up £50,000 on 2018. The current programme featured additional criteria on food waste and packaging reduction.

Commenting on the success of the programme, Cabinet Secretary for the Rural Economy Fergus Ewing MSP said: “The food-to-go fund has made a real difference to small retailers across Scotland, helping independent grocers to provide quality, locally-sourced and healthy food, as well as promoting the importance of reducing food waste.

“I am pleased that in the coming year, we will extend the fund to more independent retailers to support them to invest in equipment and activity, that will help them deliver more locally produced, healthy food and contribute to our climate change ambitions as well as widen their appeal to customers.”

SGF boss Pete Cheema added: “This is a tremendous example of the effectiveness of working in partnership with the Scottish Government. This funding has gone directly to retailers and enabled them to stay competitive, respond to changing customer demand and connect more effectively with local suppliers. By working with the government SGF has leveraged in over half a million pounds of investment in our sector.”

The 2018 programme was also extremely successful, with 69 stores benefitting from awards. The food-to-go market in the UK is now estimated to be worth more than £21bn.