PayPoint helps digitise benefit payments

PayPoint One terminal

PayPoint Group has joined forces with the Department for Work & Pensions (DWP) and ClearBank, the cloud-based clearing bank, to pay claimants without access to a bank account.

The new initiative, the Payment Exception Service, enables each claimant to choose from a range of methods to receive their cash payment vouchers. These can be used to withdraw funds at any one of 28,000 PayPoint retailer outlets or 11,500 Post Office.

Secure digital voucher platform i-movo, part of the PayPoint group, receives BACS and Faster Payments and translates these into secure digital vouchers, which are issued in real-time using the customers chosen delivery method. These include SMS, a unique barcode displayed on a smartphone, PDF delivered by email or a re-useable mag stripe plastic card. The service also offers customers online access to their payments history, while a helpline service provided by PayPoint is also available.

Nick Wiles, Chief Executive at PayPoint, said: “Through this new service, the unbanked will be able to receive their benefit payments simply, safely and conveniently, just like those who do have access to a bank account.

“Fundamental to its success is i-movo’s leading secure digital voucher technology. By drawing upon its experience of the last three years, we have worked with DWP to deliver an innovative solution that brings new benefits to all stakeholders.”

Charles McManus, Chief Executive of ClearBank, added: “Today it’s imperative that everyone is able to access the benefits of digitisation. We believe digital financial services offer an unmatched level of convenience that is crucial in ensuring no-one is left behind as we advance towards a digital-first future.

“This new service is an important step forward in providing help for vulnerable claimants – one that we are honoured to be a part of – and is testament to the vision of i-movo, PayPoint and the DWP. We’re looking forward to continuing this collaboration, using the latest financial technologies to help those that need it the most.”