Nisa retailers warm to improved frozen range

Nisa freezers

Sales of frozen goods in Nisa stores are up 3% year-on-year according to the symbol group, which puts the growth in part down to the addition of Co-op own label and branded products.

In October last year Nisa retailers were given access to more than 70 additional frozen lines as the remainder of Co-op’s frozen category was released – including branded and own label.

The popular £5 freezer deal is also a key factor in strengthening the category, as is the expansion of products like ready meals.

Whilst Nisa’s frozen ready meal offer is still dominated by branded lines, more Co-op meals are being included. Nisa Category Controller David Lunn said this was great news for both retailers and customers.

“We will soon be extending the Co-op own brand lines listed in the frozen ready meal section with the addition of Paella, Vegetable Biryani, Cottage Pie, Kashmiri Butter Chicken and many more which will add some much needed choice and innovation to the category,” he added.

The improved range is also leading to Nisa partners like Harry Mawi from Leeds upgrading their stores.

“We sell a lot of frozen products and so we wanted to make an investment in this area,” Harry said. “We installed two new upright freezers to replace two old upright and one chest freezer to create extra space within the frozen section and to allow us to include more of the new Co-op own label lines.

“The Co-op range sells itself. It looks really good on the shelf and so it is important that we have smart chillers and freezers to display it in.”