Nisa’s Big Deal is back

Nisa Hairst St

The Big Deal promotion has returned to Nisa stores this month, offering shoppers two Co-op Thin & Crispy Pizzas (choice of Double Pepperoni or Margherita) and a 4-pack of San Miguel (or San Miguel 0%) for £5 – a saving of up to £8.33 on the RSP.

The offer runs in stores until 30 March, is supported by POS and features on Nisa’s website, social media channels and consumer leaflets.

Chris Walker, Offline Marketing Lead at Nisa said: “It’s more important than ever that Nisa partners continue to offer great value and this promotion delivers exceptional savings for shoppers at just £5.

“With shoppers likely to be staying local in line with government guidelines, promotions like the Big Deals offer not only great value but convenience too and help to drive footfall and basket spend in our partners’ stores.”

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