NFRN welcomes new clampdown on alcohol fraudsters

Crate of illicit alcohol

The NFRN has given a cautious welcome to a new three-pronged initiative to tackle the problem of illicit alcohol.

HMRC said its new alcohol strategy aims to modernise alcohol taxes to tackle fraud and reduce the burdens on alcohol businesses.

Working together with enforcement agencies and the alcohol trade, HMRC aims to promote good compliance, making it easier for businesses to pay the right duties; prevent tax loss by making it harder for people to deal in illicit alcohol and get tougher on offenders.

NFRN National President Ralph Patel said: “The NFRN shares HMRC’s concerns about the extent of alcohol fraud and agrees that more needs to be done to tackle this.

“Illicit alcohol threatens the pockets of both the Treasury and legitimate, law abiding retailers, while dangerous counterfeits threaten the health of consumers. Any attempts to clamp down on the illicit trade have to be welcomed.”

Chief Executive Paul Baxter added: “The NFRN is pleased to hear that as part of its new strategy HMRC will be consulting on tougher penalties on alcohol fraudsters and we look forward to participating fully within these discussions.”