New Coke campaign comes to Life

Coca-Cola Enterprises has launched a huge marketing support campaign to support the launch of Coca-Cola Life as it seeks to build consumer awareness of its new brand.

Coca-Cola Life contains a third fewer calories and a third less calories than regular Coke and offers an alternative to the two zero-calorie options in Coca-Cola Zero and Diet Coke.

Life is aimed at adults looking for a new lower calorie option – and the media campaign is designed to have mass appeal with an eye-catching campaign highlighting the inclusion of sweetness from natural sources, lower calorie option and the standout green packaging.

Nick Canney, VP Sales & Marketing at Coca-Cola Enterprises, said: “The marketing campaign for Coca-Cola Life will create instant impact and ensure consumer awareness of the brand launch is high, helping to grow sales for retailers throughout the coming months. Coca-Cola Lifealong with Coca-Cola, Coke Zero and Diet Coke, is an important part of our ongoing commitment to offer consumer choice for every occasion and meet changing lifestyle trends. It forms part of our on-going strategy to bring innovative new products to the market to help drive incremental growth of the total soft drinks category.”

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