McCoy’s tunes in to radio

McCoy's paprika flavour

McCoy’s has kicked-off its first-ever radio campaign.

The ads feature the voice of McCoy’s TV mascot ‘Flavour’, who prank calls an unprepared nation with one message – Eat McCoy’s, because Flavour calls!

The four radio spots showcase McCoy’s Cheddar and Onion, Flame Grilled Steak, Thai Sweet Chicken and Paprika flavours.

Claire Cooper, Marketing Manager at KP Snacks, said: “We felt the assets of a ringing telephone and the voice of ‘Flavour’ himself from the McCoy’s ‘When Flavour Calls’ campaign naturally lent themselves to a radio environment. This extension affords the brand the opportunity to strengthen the reach of the overall campaign whilst delivering the McCoy’s flavour message to a new audience in a humorous, maverick and distinctively McCoy’s way.”

The campaign, which runs until April 29, is supported by the re-running of the original 20” ‘When Flavour Calls’ TV ad alongside video-on-demand and social media activity.