‘Make it Yours’ with Old El Paso Stand ‘N’ Stuff

Danny Trejo in Old El Paso advert

Old El Paso is investing £3m in a new advertising and marketing campaign to drive sales of its Stand ‘N’ Stuff meal kits range.

The activity, which includes TV, cinema, video-on-demand and social media, adopts the tagline ‘Make it Yours’ and features American actor of Mexican descent, Danny Trejo, who has starred in Hollywood blockbusters such as Con Air and Desperado.

The aim of the campaign is to highlight how Mexican food can spark vibrant connections around the dining table – an approach prompted by research which suggests that while 78% of UK households eat together, the average time spent around the dining table is just 10 minutes.

The TV advert opens to a dull, colourless family meal scene where everyone is staring at their smartphones. Enraged, Trejo’s character pulls the table cloth from the table to reveal a colourful, vibrant al-fresco family meal featuring Old El Paso Stand ‘N’ Stuff.

As part of the campaign, consumers are also able to create their own taco via a mobile app where they will be able to choose their filling, and fry ingredients.

Lindsay Hill, Marketing Manager for Old El Paso at General Mills UK, said: “Unlike most traditional dishes, you eat Mexican with your hands, everyone is engaged – it’s informal and colourful. We want our new campaign to remind UK consumers that Old El Paso Stand ‘N’ Stuff creates vibrant family meal times.”

Old El Paso’s Stand ‘N’ Stuff range contains eight soft flour tortillas which are shaped so that they are easy to fill and eat. The kits contain all the key ingredients consumers need to make a Mexican taco meal including a Cool Herb Topping Mix and an Extra Mild Super Tasty tomato stir-in sauce.