Low sugar alternative to energy drinks unveiled

Firestar sachet

As the impact of sugar on the nation’s health continues to hit the headlines, nutraceutical company Purity Health is launching an alternative to high-calorie energy drinks.

The company’s Executive Chairman, Dr Andrew Guise, explained: “The product we’ve produced is designed to replace sugar filled energy drinks, which can have over 60g of sugar per can, with a more effective, longer lasting and much healthier alternative.”

FireStar crystals contains microcapsules which slowly release energy for up to four hours, avoiding a crash following the initial pick-me-up. The product is packaged in a discreet sachet in three flavours: Mint, Cherry and Cola. It is available in strengths of two hours and four hours.

Consumers pour the crystals on their tongue and wait for the sustained energy release to take hold. Firestar says the product is “perfect for slipping into your pocket” and “much quicker to consume than a 500ml energy drink”.

“If successful we hope to reduce sugar consumed by 30,000 tons per year, having a real impact on obesity, diabetes, tooth decay and other serious problems that these drinks cause,” Guise added.

FireStar contains 10 calories per serving, with 95% less sugar than traditional energy drinks and takes up very little shelf space.

Sachets rrp at £1 with a POR of around 40%. Retailers can order direct online.