Keystore: still innovating after 140 years

Keystore storefront

As a stalwart of the Scottish convenience store scene, KeyStore aims to provide that important point of difference in a highly competitive convenience marketplace.

Indeed, with Glasgow-wholesaler JW Filshill celebrating its 140th anniversary in 2015, local retailers can rest assured that the company’s reputation for providing the best possible customer service, along with a raft of added-value services and forward-thinking ideas, will ensure KeyStore operators have that competitive edge.

Sales and Marketing Director Ian McDonald explains: “A real point of difference we have over other groups is that we will provide a tailor-made package for you – we know that there is no ‘one size fits all’ trading format so we work in partnership with our retailers to find the solution that provides both flexibility and a competitive edge in the marketplace.”

Increased investment in marketing, promotions and improving operating cost-efficiencies through technology have also helped JW Filshill stay ahead of the game in the current challenging trading environment.

The independent food and drink wholesaler has also ploughed significant resources into consumer-facing marketing and advertising campaigns to support KeyStore retailers.

“Our digital voucher scheme is performing well and we continue to refine and develop it,” says McDonald. “We also provide a fully interactive consumer-based website and are increasingly using social media such as Facebook to engage with consumers.”

For the customer, of course, it is important that KeyStore retailers offers familiarity and the peace of mind that that they will always be able to get their bread, milk and other everyday essentials in their local store. But what they can also guarantee is a friendly, warm welcome from staff – and a shop that is clean, well laid out, well stocked and offers a pleasant shopping environment. Add ongoing promotions to the mix and your customers will come back time and time again, suggests McDonald.

Currently supplying over 160 independent KeyStore outlets across Scotland and the north of England, the company is a member of Today’s Wholesale Services. All KeyStore retailers qualify for membership of the SGF or Association of Convenience Stores.

McDonald continues: “KeyStore has grown to become a major force in the convenience store sector. We continue to attract new retailers and believe that KeyStore gives them a strong brand identity in a busy convenience marketplace.

“We offer retailers considerable flexibility to do their own thing and that is one of our major strengths,” he adds. “We also provide very high levels of support behind the scenes and through regular face-to-face contact with the majority of KeyStore retailers receiving a visit from our retail development managers roughly every three weeks.”

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