Kerry Foods brings Denny Fire & Smoke to the UK

Hand-smoking ham

A premium cooked meats range, Fire & Smoke, has been brought to the UK by Kerry Foods, following its success in Ireland.

The launch aims to drive growth in the cooked meats category, which is worth £1.6bn.

The joints of Fire & Smoke are cooked on a low heat for over eight hours, then grilled and seared before being smoked over wood chips to achieve what Kerry Foods describes as “a distinctive smokey flavour.”

Chris Owen, Meats Marketing Controller at Kerry Foods said the company is “adapting to ever-changing consumer needs and trends” and that there is high demand for “great tasting quality products.”

“With the launch of Fire & Smoke, we are planning on shaking up the cooked meats aisle, making it a destination and driving sustainable growth into the category.”

Hilary Hughes, Fire & Smoke Senior Brand Manager, added: “The inspiration for the range comes from the American Deep South method of flame cooking to deliver more excitement for consumers.

“The launch will be supported with a fully integrated marketing campaign that spans multiple channels above and below the line. It will include digital media, a new website and social media channels. There will be bespoke in-store activity, with disruptive Point of Sale and a creative PR campaign.”

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