I’ll have the bastard

Bastard Amber beer
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As regular readers will know by now, UTC is particularly enthusiastic about encouraging the next generation of retail entrepreneurs to climb their way up the greasy pole.

For reasons best known to UTC, this enthusiasm often manifests itself most prominently when it comes to companies that make things like beer. Or wine. Or whisky.

As a bit of a card-carrying real ale bore, he has a particular fondness for a well-made ale, even if he has had to learn to live with the PR shenanigans that seem to accompany most craft-beer launches these days. Brewdog has a lot to answer for in the auld yin’s book. He never understood the problem with being a sandals and cardigan kind of beer drinker anyway.

So it was with an air of patient resignation that he kindly and selflessly agreed to sample the new Bastard Amber beer from Edinburgh-based microbrewery Barney’s Beer. His air of patience was growing thin, mind you, when he had to sit through a chat about how Bastard Amber was inspired by an idea from Blacklight, Edinburgh’s theatre lighting company. Apparently ‘Bastard Amber 02’ is the name of a stage lighting gel.

Fortunately the beer tasted lovely and UTC can’t wait til it’s on draught at his local so he can swagger up to the bar and say in a loud voice: “I’ll have the Bastard, so I will!”

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