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Paterson Arran 20% off Fruity and Filling

Very occasionally the Ed has to commandeer a few column inches for a story that the auld yin has deemed non-newsworthy. This is one such occasion.

When the boss read that “82% of denture wearers experience problems with food getting stuck in their dentures” and that Poligrip had a solution, all thoughts turned to UTC. If you’ve ever lunched with the old boy and watched him fish out his falsies then rinse them in a pint of heavy, you’ll know why.

Poligrip Max Seal will “help form a superior seal and protect against irritating food particles while providing a firm and long-lasting hold.” Nuff said.

The SLR team is now crowdfunding to buy the auld yin a lifetime’s supply [Ed – about six months’ worth, then?] to ensure that team lunches will never be the same again. Cash donations welcomed.

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