Foster’s says ‘Why the Hell Not?’

Foster’s has launched a new campaign, ‘Why the Hell Not?’ which is inspired by the famous Aussie ‘can do’ attitude.

Following the successful Good Call campaign, which ended in May, the new campaign marks a shift in Foster’s brand strategy, replacing the previous ‘no worries’ advice with a more proactive approach, urging audiences to ‘give life a go.’

Ifeoma Dozie, Beer Brand Director for Foster’s at Heineken UK, said consumers’ outlooks on life have changed and people now “want to give things a go” and “share experiences leading to a richer life.”

“The ‘Why The Hell Not?’ campaign taps into this thinking. The campaign maintains the brand’s long association with comedy and complements the wider changes we’ve been making to the brand. We’re expecting to see the new campaign really drive excitement, interest and ultimately sales for Foster’s.”