Flushed with success

Flushable toilet wipes

The auld yin had to doff his cop last month to the fine folks at discounter Aldi who added another award to the no doubt sizeable collection they’ve already got on their mantelpiece: it has been awarded the Fine To Flush standard by Water UK for its range of moist toilet tissues and toddler toilet wipes.

Once it had been explained to UTC what ‘moist toilet tissues’ are, he was more than happy to salute the German retailer’s efforts.

The flushable wipes apparently help reduce the risk of blockages and ‘fatbergs’ – large masses of fat and oils that form around non-biodegradable solid matter flushed down the toilet. According to Water UK, many products labelled as ‘flushable’ do not actually break down quickly enough when they enter the sewer system – but Aldi’s do.

So that’s a weight off UTC’s mind.

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