Fish ‘N’ Chips sports new look

Fish 'n' Chips Sport & Vinegar

Burton’s Biscuit Co. is giving its classic Fish ‘N’ Chips Salt & Vinegar snack a packaging refresh to coincide with a busy sporting calendar over the next few months.

Limited edition ‘Sport & Vinegar’ packs roll out from this month and will be available until September.

In addition to the new flavour descriptor, sporty imagery will feature across all 25g and 125g formats.

Kate Needham, Burton’s Marketing Director, said: “Fish ‘N’ Chips fans are heavily into sport and we’re confident that limited edition ‘Sport & Vinegar’ will be an absolute winner.”

The launch will be supported by wide-ranging social media activity, consumer promotions and in-store activity.

Fish ‘N’ Chips Sport & Vinegar will be available in a range of pack formats, including five-pack (5 x 25g), six-pack (6 x 25g) and 125g sharing bags.