Dark Fruit joins Strongbow line up

Heineken has launched Strongbow Dark Fruit. The company says this new variant

has been created to recruit shoppers to the Everyday Cider category by tapping into the burgeoning consumer interest in flavoured cider. Available exclusively through off-trade distribution channels from mid-June, Strongbow Dark Fruit will be supported by heavyweight marketing activity including out-of-home advertising, press, in-store sampling and intriguing point of sale materials.

Most of the growth in the cider market is currently generated by Modern Flavoured Ciders, though Everyday Cider remains the largest segment of the total category, selling 15% more volume than Modern Ciders combined. However, whilst 34% of Everyday Cider shoppers say they buy into Modern Original Cider, only 14% buy into Modern Flavoured variants, which, Martin Porter, Off Trade Sales Director at Heineken, says, shows that current options are missing the mark for everyday flavour refreshment. “Successfully tapping into the demand for mainstream flavour experiences, Strongbow Dark Fruit is set to draw everyday drinkers into the Flavoured Cider segment, which Heineken believes could represent a £20m growth opportunity for Everyday Cider in the off-trade,” he says.

Strongbow Dark Fruit combines the crispness of Strongbow Original with blackcurrant and blackberry, making it relatively low in sweetness and ideal for easy-drinking, everyday refreshment. The 4.0% ABV cider is available in dark charcoal and purple packaging, featuring the Strongbow logo, and offered in a variety of formats designed to meet different shopper needs. Created for relaxed, everyday occasions, 440ml and 500ml cans will be available from mid-June, whilst 500ml bottles, designed to tap into social occasions, will be rolled out from mid-August.

Helping to drive stand-out in store, retailers will be offered a range of eye-catching new POS, including posters, shelf-fins and wobblers.

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