Curious partnerships #241

Bentley cars

As niche hook ups go, the latest one from whisky brand Macallan and luxury car brand Bentley takes a bit of beating. Some things naturally go together – ham and eggs, gin and tonic, beans and toast – but whisky and fancy motors?

UTC readily admits that “he wouldn’t thank you for a Bentley”. He would, on the other hand, be most thankful for a bottle of Macallan.

So his interest was piqued when he read about how the two brands had joined forces to, says the press release, “build on their rich heritage to develop distinctive collaborations and further their vision of a more sustainable future”.

The old boy soon found himself wondering how a car that is lucky if it gets 18mpg going downhill can create a more sustainable future by partnering with a whisky company. The answer was probably in the rest of the release, but he’d lost interest by then. He could almost taste the Macallan, apparently.

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