Co-op gets personal with new member app

The Co-op has launched a new app that lets its members download weekly personalised offers.

Members can choose two offers every week and use them on top of any in-store promotions.

The app also allows members to track their reward balance and removes the need for paper coupons.

Ali Jones, Customer Director at the Co-op said: “We are planning to develop the app over the next few months, folding in other digital elements such as choosing your local cause, and accessing recipes.”

Tim Sleap, the company’s Director of Data & Insights, said the Co-op had taken “massive steps forward” in its data science capabilities.

“This means that through the data that our members trust us with, we can make their experience of the Co-op more tailored and deliver greater, more personalised, value back to them,” he said.

The app is the latest in a string of digital and tech launches from the Co-op this year; it has already introduced an online convenience proposition using e-bikes and delivery robots, and a pay-in-the-aisle trial which enables shoppers to purchase goods without going to the checkout.