Morgenrot on point with South African beers

Cape Brewing Company beers

Morgenrot has added three brews from South Africa’s Cape Brewing Company to its growing world beers catalogue.

Available now in cases of 12 x 34cl bottles, the new threesome includes Cape Point Pale Ale, Cape Point Lager and Cape Point India Pale Ale. All are produced adhering to Germany’s historic Reinheitsgebot brewing laws.

Cape Point Pale Ale (ABV 4.8%) – “Slightly malty nose, full of aromatic hop flavours. Fruity, lemony with a touch of passionfruit, lively and refreshing. Premium malts, secret hops, special American Pale Ale yeast.”

Cape Point Lager (ABV 5.1%) – “Crisp and generous, nice balanced speciality malts, slightly hoppy and easy drinking. Premium malts, German noble hops, specially cultured yeast.”

Cape Point India Pale Ale (ABV 6.5%) – “Bitterness is balanced with a strong malt backbone. Fruity with notes of tangerine and lemon. Premium malts, Mandarina Bavaria noble hops, specially cultured yeast.”

John Critchley, Morgenrot’s Commercial Director, said: “We’re excited to unleash the African trio on UK consumers. With so many South Africans living over here and UK consumers continuously looking to discover new craft beers from around the world, we’re confident the brewery’s provenance, positioning and quality will ensure they are a big success.”

For more information on the Cape Brewing Company range of beers, call Morgenrot on 0845 070 4310 or email

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