VK gives mixed pack makeover

VK Mixed Pack

Ready-to-drink brand VK has revamped the design for its mixed pack and added its newest flavour, VK Watermelon, to the mix.

The watermelon variant was launched after coming top of a consumer survey to find a new flavour. It had a very limited initial roll out over Christmas when bottles were secreted in a small number of mixed packs.

Charlie Leaver, Brand Manager at Global Brands, said: “Having a look that appeals to the 18-24 audience is key and we know that the loud visuals of the new mixed pack will resonate with our demographic. The vibrant pack also makes for an eye-catching spot when on shelf, tying in with our fun coloured liquids and fruity flavours.”

To mark its 20th anniversary this year, VK has plans for a “huge” multi-channel campaign in May that will kick off a summer of activity for the brand.

The revamped mixed packs (10 x 275ml bottles, ABV 4%) are available now with an RSP of £10.

For more information call 01246 216000, email info@globalbrands.co.uk or visit globalbrands.co.uk.