C-stores exempt from new lockdown takeaway rules


The Scottish Government has tightened coronavirus restrictions amid fears its ‘stay at home’ message isn’t proving as effective as it was during the first lockdown.

Among six new rules intended to slow the spread of the virus is a curb on food-to-go and coffee-to-go.

From Saturday 16 January, customers can no longer go inside a business to collect takeaway food or coffee but will have to pick up from a doorway or serving hatch instead.

However, the Scottish Grocers’ Federation has confirmed that, working with other trade bodies including the Scottish Retail Consortium and the NFRN, it had ensured local retailers are exempt from the new rule.

SGF Head of Public Affairs John Lee said the new regulations were a “significant blow” to takeaway businesses that had invested heavily in protective measures.

Lee said there was no evidence to justify the decision.

He commented: “Working with other key trade bodies we have successfully lobbied the Scottish government to exempt convenience stores from these new restrictions.

“Additionally, ‘essential retail’, such as c-stores, can continue with click & collect services. This is yet more recognition of how important convenience stores are to customers, communities and the local economy.”